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A bit of history - Drupal in Pune started back in February 2009 as Pune Drupal User Group (PDRUG), with an objective to strengthen the local Drupal community in Pune. The first meetup saw 3 Drupalers. Second Camp that was organized had 300+ attendees. Third Camp that was organized in 2015 had more than 450+ attendees. Between 2010 and 2017, we have been focussing on a lot of Drupal meet ups, engaging new members of the Pune community, along with the not-so-old Pune Drupalers :)

2015 and 2017 we have been focussing on developing students community in Pune such that college students get better career opporunity in Drupal Community. We had our pilot phase of DrupalCAP launched successfully in Pune region. Drupal Campus Ambassador program has successfully conducted multiple Drupal training session. Special thanks to the Volunteers from QED42, DevsAdda for helping us conduct successful events in and around Pune region.

DCP 2015 was a huge success with over 450+ registrations, 15+ job offers, Keynote by Jacob Singh, Drupal in a Day training for newbies, interesting sessions and discussions, code sprint, job fairs, goodies and an amazing after party !!

Talking of the present -  This year's Camp intends to cater to a wider audience + multiple times of the fun we had last year. The idea is to bring together a diverse group of Drupal lovers and to-be Drupalers and showcase the community, its ideas and the people who make this community so wonderful, not to mention the learnings it would entail.


Come with 3Es (eager, energy and enthusiasm) to learn and laptop for learning with practical experiences. Along with this just come with an Open mind and laptop with Drupal 8 installation. You can follow instruction over here.


In Drupal Camp Pune 2017 you will meet some of the earliest contributors to Drupal in India from around the country. For the business community there will be an opportunity for learning from sessions based on case studies of Drupal websites, meeting representatives of the leading Drupal companies in India.

Join us To make this an awesome experience.


Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies

Khadki, Range Hill Rd

Pune, Maharashtra 411020

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