A Bolt from the Blue - Seamless and Automated Testing, Continuous Integration & Deployment with Acquia BLT

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Ever seen that line item on project estimates that says ‘Developer Onboarding and setup’?
We just reduced that line item by 50% across all our projects over the last 6 months!
Proud of being able to identify invalid code in a pull request and stopping it from breaking your build? Good, but we believe that such code should have never even been allowed to be committed in the first step!
Build and Launch Tool (BLT) has revolutionized the way we develop and deploy projects at Acquia. Managing multiple repositories in sync, reviewing and merging pull requests, running automated tests on the new build - all of these and many other tasks that used to be a large overhead to the architect are now easily automated in a consistent manner using BLT.
Having unique ways of setting up Continuous Integration on each project used to be a challenge for onboarding new developers onto the projects. With BLT, we now have consistency across projects setup and hence onboarding new folks onto any project is a cakewalk!
So, how does BLT help my Drupal projects?

  • Provide a standard project template for Drupal based projects
  • Provide tools that automate much of the setup and maintenance work for projects
  • Document and enforce Drupal standards and best practices via default configuration, automated testing, and continuous integration
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