Decoupled D8 Applications : Choose your frontend framework wisely.

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The way we build and consume web applications is evolving rapidly as is the development of frontend driven, decoupled web applications. Drupal 8 is perfect to create a completely decoupled backend for frontend driven web applications. It provides RESTful Web Services in the core to expose entities and other resources as RESTful web API which can be used by any frontend framework. AngularJS, VueJS, React are popular web frameworks for building powerful, frontend applications



The session will cover the following topics:

  1.  What is a decoupled web application?

  2.  Pros and Cons of a decoupled system.

  3.  Workflow for developing decoupled web applications.

  4.  Angular JS with Drupal 8.

  5.  Vue JS with Drupal 8.

  6.  React JS with Drupal 8.

  7.  Brief ideas on how to consider the best frontend frameworks from learnings with evaluating AngularJS, VueJS and ReactJS based for different use cases.  


The session will be a combination of presentation in which the above topics will be covered and a demo of sample headless applications built with Drupal 8 at the backend and AngularJS, VueJS and React respectively at frontend along with brief look at the code for each frontend technologies.