Upgrading your front end for high Performance with RAIL Model

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Synopsis for Sessions

The session will focus on how to increase Front End performance of your web app by doing some small server changes. It will cover Concepts of RAIL model. Also audience will have an insight of Critical Rendering Path and what is critical css. How to make a website to load faster and enable caching of static resources. This will also cover a small area of service workers.

Theory will be followed by a case study of an angular website and how it was made performant by following the concepts mentioned above. How following a proper build process made the website more performant.

The flash talk will cover -

  • RAIL model
  • CPR - Critical Path Rendering and Critical CSS and HTML
  • Service Workers 
  • Sever configurations to achieve performance
  • Setting up build process for performance using gulp
  • Setting up the website code in a way so that it doesn't have any blocking resource request.