Progressively Decoupled Drupal

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vishalchandna, jaykandari
Synopsis for Sessions

Progressively Decoupled Drupal is one of the trending thing in Drupal Right now. It basically represents the decoupling of the Drupal Front-end from the JS front end so that both things can  work independently. We can have any JS framework/library integrated with Drupal but a few of them really leads the way like VueJS. With Decoupled blocks, things are more separate, readable, easier and faster. We can have decoupled blocks for things where Drupal lacks in its performance and its ease of use.

 - What is a decoupled Drupal and how is it different from Pure Headless Drupal? 

 - What is a decoupled block?
 - What are the pros/cons of creating decoupled blocks?
 - How to integrate a JS library/framework with Drupal?
 - Demo of a simple site and its comparison with Native Drupal.