Drupal for More than Site Building

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Synopsis for Sessions

This is not a story of a Drupal developer building an awesome site. Rather, it is a journey of a free education enthusiast building a full-fledged social network using Drupal.

The Session will cover the following:

  1. How I started with Drupal during my college days.

  2. How I supported my various startups using Drupal.

  3. How I ensured my sustainability

  4. With a desire to teach and empowered by Drupal, How I ended up creating a social learning community of 150K students.

  5. How I with my company help students building their career with Drupal.

The Session will share a story of how Drupal has the power to change lives around us potentially to a large extent. It will uncover my journey with Drupal from a beginner to a fairly able Drupal professional.

The attendees could be of any expertise level, but the key Idea of the session is to inspire students and beginners towards joining the Drupal Community. The session is also intended to show that how Drupal can transform your imagination into reality.