Behat with browser emulators integration in Drupal 8 and best practices

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Synopsis for Sessions

Behat Automated testing for Drupal Developers will cover the basics of Behavior Driven Development(BDD) and then rapidly moving into more advanced concepts that will quickly escalate grasp of Behat by clearly integrating Behat with existing Drupal and PHP knowledge. Behat is not unit testing nor a specification testing tool. Behat is a Scenario-oriented BDD framework with functional testing capabilities as part of a communication process between stake-holders and developers.

The session gets under the hood of Behat immediately and tells Audience what need to understand, write, organize and share Behat work professionally as a developer. 

The Behat Kickstart for Developers session is fast-paced and aimed at intermediate developers in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 who need to get up to speed with Behat testing now. 

- Introduction to Drupal/PHP Testing Ecosystem 
- State of Testing in Drupal 8 
- Composer - Intro to BDD 
- Intro to Behat, Mink, Mink Extension, Drupal Extension 
- Insight of Features, Suites, Hooks, Contexts 
- Steps: Relationship to Context Methods, what they do, how they work 
- TableNode: Pass arrays of data from step to method 
- Tagging - Behat Debugging steps 
- Context: Contexts are PHP classes. How to structure, working within, pulling into project 
- Using Javascript: Selenium, Phantom.js, what is headless - Behat.yml file: Organize and setup your testing environment 
- Behat command prompt parameters

- Do's and Don'ts for best practices 


As I have already mentioned the topics of PPT above, attaching one word document which I have prepared for configuring behat and running the testing smoothly in command prompt and browser for future purpose. 


Thank you!