Analyze your Drupal API Backend

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anandpathak, akashjain132
Synopsis for Sessions

You have got a large scale application. Drupal is your backend and a JS framework is your frontend. Every possible functionality is delivered as an API. Now you end up with too many APIs with too many edge cases. As expected, problems appear on the site for different functionalities and different user roles. How do you debug? Interestingly, APIs are not the easiest to debug and you always resort to hit and trial. Here is a way you can setup a log and analyzer for your APIs and use it to analyze your backend from time to time and in real-time.


In this session, we will explain how ELK stack can be used to analyze your API/services log. It will cover the below parts.

  • ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) --  Basics Of ELK stack
  • Setting Up ELK stack

  • Understanding Elasticsearch -- How elasticsearch CRUD works

  • Setting Up logstash to parse log file -- Brief description to the parser

  • FileBeat  -- Agent to send the log to logstash

  • Understanding Kibana Interface -- Lucene Query Syntax to parse data

  • Generating graphs on Kibana interface

We will show you how to see real time logs and analysis and graphs using ELK. It is not really a Drupal thing and can be used with any application but is a great technology asset to know and use. Of course, it makes sense only for large scale applications.

And yes, btw, you can also use it for your apache access and error logs, PHP logs, syslog, etc.


Experience level: Intermediate


Name: Akash Jain

Designation: Solution Architect

Company: Innoraft profile: