Dive Deep Into Drupal Extension In Behat

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Synopsis for Sessions

Behat is a well known PHP driven test automation framework that supports BDD. Testing user workflow on front-end is easily done by Mink extension in Behat. However, what about testing Drupal backend scenarios? How about having an extension for testing Drupal backend scenarios like creating/managing users, taxonomy terms and nodes, clearing cache without having the need to write any PHP code for it. These are just some of the backend scenarios to list, there's more to it.


  1. Basic workflow of Behat, that's it. Don't worry, I will give a quick overview of it though.

In this session, I am going to speak on following topics in Drupal Extension using Behat:

  1. Quick Overview on What is BDD?
  2. What is Behat and Gherkin?
  3. How to install Drupal extension?
  4. Explain the various drivers available and their differences.
  5. Give a working demo explaining all the Drupal Extension drivers.

By the end of this session, you will learn:

  1. How to install Behat with Drupal Extension on your machine, Any OS.
  2. How to get started immediately with backend testing of your Drupal website, without having to write any PHP code.
  3. How to execute tests on both, your local instance and any remote instance (like test or prod instance)
  4. How the framework is designed to re-use your test data?
  5. How to enhance your tests by writing custom functions?

About the Speaker:

I have been actively conducting internal Webinars in Axelerant and also publishing my knowledge via blog posts and GitHub repositories. I haven't really spoken in a DrupalCamp (looking forward to this one!), but have participated in elocution and debates right through my school days.

GitHub - https://github.com/shwetaneelsharma

Sample Blog post - https://www.axelerant.com/team-blog/what-makes-agile-qa-testing-different